Build on purpose

Build on purpose

Our experience in life is tied to our attitude to the word of God – Matthew 7:24-27

The wise man and the foolish man Jesus described in His parable had the same experiences.  In verses 25 & 27 ,  they both experienced the rain, floods and winds. However, the wise man who heard the word and put it to practice had his house standing still because it was founded on the Rock.

But as for the foolish man’s, his house fell and great was the fall of the house. He heard the word but was not a doer of the word, meaning he did not put it to word he heard to use/practice.

James 1: 21-25
It is not enough for us to only have a head knowledge of the word; we can only begin to fully experience God in all dimensions when we put His word to practice and master its use.

Today, make a comittment to go for the word, hear the word and do the word. The Word will make a success of your life. you will stand tall when others fall.

God bless you as you make a decision to receive with meekness the engrafted word and be a doer of the same,


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